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Emergency planning


Failure to provide an effective emergency plan for ALL occupants is a an offence
It is a legal requirement to provide an up to date, practiced emergency plan.
source:Fire Safety Order 2005

  • Do you and your staff know and practice the emergency plan?
  • When was your last fire drill?
  • Have you accounted for individuals needing help or assistance such as wheelchair users or those with visual or hearing impairment or with learning difficulties?
  • Did you know your emergency plan must not rely on the fire service?

These are all basic considerations in an Emergency Plan.


Clearly the 2017 tragedy at Grenfell Tower has increased the public’s awareness of fire safety, fire prevention and evacuation procedures. With regards to evacuation there are various strategies to deploy dependent on the type of building and users/occupants such as

  • simultaneous evacuation (everybody out)
  • progressive horizontal evacuation (moving people one compartment at a time away from the fire)
  • two stage alarm (alarm is on a delay due to the high volume of people in the building)
  • phased evacuation (for larger buildings)


For advice on appropriate fire related emergency plans for you, call us on 08000 838 114.

proper training & planning

correct signage

adequate means of escape

Having recently joined the club I found Mark particularly helpful in organising a list of safety checks that were needed for the club to ensure compliance

Tim Knight

Porters Park Golf Club, Radlett, Hertfordshire

The whole town turns out for our event and we spend a huge amount of time making it fun for all. We are always grateful to Mark for double checking our procedures helping us to make it safe for everyone.

Lyndsey Burch

Thrapston Charter Fair Committee

We use Help and Safety at Work for the Fire Risk Assessments for all of our estates, they have been extremely helpful, friendly and efficient. We have also found that the employees will go out of their way to make sure they can provide you with any information you need even if it is not beneficial to them.  We highly recommend Help and Safety at Work 

Charlotte Lawrence

SELOC Asset Management

Care home risk management

All the services you would expect

More than any other place, care homes need to constantly update their emergency procedure. Assisted evacuation and assessing each and every resident is key in formulating an emergency plan that works for everybody.

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