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Factories & warehouses

Factory and warehouses are almost tailor-made for fires. Any storage space has the risk of fire associated with it, but add into the equation a large amount of high-performance machinery and the cause for concern sky rockets. Large quantities of flammable goods will, unsurprisingly, always significantly increase the risk of a fire breaking out, so it’s essential to be diligent when assessing your warehouse or factory space. 

Potential Hazards

Consider whether your factory or warehouse space has any of our most commonly found hazards. If it does, or you’re not sure, then get in touch and book an appointment. You can also make use of our free online survey to find out what your risk of fire is. 

  • Sources of ignition. This is a massive one, and can apply to a much wider range of situations and setups than you might think. Any naked flames are extremely dangerous, as are cigarettes, sparks, faulty electrics, and much more. 
  • Fuel and oxygen. More often overlooked than the more obvious sources of ignition, fuel and oxygen can be just as devastating in the event of an incident. It goes without saying that any flammable liquids are very clear hazards, but some forms of waste and even foods can act as a catalyst in the event of a fire. 

We should stress that the above list is in no way exhaustive. Fire risks can come in the most unsuspecting of places, and we would strongly advise anyone to seek professional advice if they have even the slightest of concerns. For more information on fire risk assessments, you can learn about your responsibilities over in our services section. 

What can we do for you?

We cover all aspects of fire safety and risk assessments, but here are three to get you thinking… 

  1. Fire risk assessments – when was your last survey?
  2. Asbestos surveys – it’s not just fire safety we deal with. If you suspect you may have asbestos and would like our expert advice, get in touch. 
  3. Fire protection and training – if you have any new staff or would like a refresher for existing employees, let us know. 

Contact us on 08000 838114 for more details 

Help and Safety at Work have carried out Fire and Asbestos surveys for many years.  This has helped forge a  strong relationship between us both.

Stacey Knight

Knight & Day Property Management, London

With our Youth Club, it is of vital importance that our staff are able to carry out an effective evacuation. Our recent training helps us to do this

Daniel Campbell

The Bradfield Club, Peckham, South East London

The whole town turns out for our event and we spend a huge amount of time making it fun for all. We are always grateful to Mark for double checking our procedures helping us to make it safe for everyone.

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Thrapston Charter Fair Committee

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