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Factories & warehouses

Within a mixed risk environment, housekeeping and assessing storage and process risk is of high importance. Many substances are volatile and fires can easily occur from faulty mechanical equipment, poor practice and lack of training. 

What can we do for you?

Of course we can do all aspects of fire safety and risk assessments but here’s three to get you thinking…


  1. Fire risk assessments – when was your last survey?
  2. Asbestos surveys – do you have any, are you sure?
  3. Fire protection – any new staff?

Contact us on 08000 838114 for more details 

Help and Safety at Work have carried out Fire and Asbestos surveys for many years.  This has helped forge a  strong relationship between us both.

Stacey Knight

Knight & Day Property Management, London

With our Youth Club, it is of vital importance that our staff are able to carry out an effective evacuation. Our recent training helps us to do this

Daniel Campbell

The Bradfield Club, Peckham, South East London

The whole town turns out for our event and we spend a huge amount of time making it fun for all. We are always grateful to Mark for double checking our procedures helping us to make it safe for everyone.

Lyndsey Burch

Thrapston Charter Fair Committee

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Free online test for small offices and shops

Take our tea break test … A free Q&A survey to find out your level of risk of fire.

Please note this is intended for use with small offices and shops. For anything larger, call us. That’s the sales pitch done, now take the test …