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5 Costs of not acting

Repair & rebuild costs

Damage by fires is going to have costs to you and your business. Prioritise fire safety.

Employee safety

We all know fire and smoke can kill, why take the risk?

Loss of revenue

Time wasted on insurance claims and restoring normality.

Fines & penalties

The Fire Brigade can give unlimited fines and 2 years in prison.

Damage to reputation

Downtime and not being able to deliver your service to your clients.

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Fire Risk Assessment

A Fire Risk Assessment is a legal requirement and a crucial step in ensuring the safety of your premises. Involving potential hazards and evaluating the likelihood of a fire occurring. Don't wait until it's too late, prioritise your Fire Risk Assessment today.

Fire Extinguishers

A Fire Extinguisher is your first line of defence to extinguish small fires before they turn into catastrophic flames. It is a key piece of equipment that saves lives and protects your property. Service your Extinguishers now.

Fire Warden Training

Gain valuable insights on fire prevention tactics, how to use Fire Extinguishers and emergency protocols. Equipped with this knowledge, you will be confident in any situation. Book 1 or 2-hour sessions up to 15 people.

5 commitments to our clients

  • Delivering the most practical and cost effective solution to ensure your fire safety.
  • Clear technical reports with very little jargon, back to you within 14 days.
  • Communicating in a punctual manner, within agreed time frames.
  • A feeling of assured security knowing your premises has been professionally assessed.
  • Reliability and balance between legal requirements and safety requirements.


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Why Choose Us?

Clear Reporting

Reports are in plain English with technical terminology kept to a minimum.

Industry Experts

All our Consultants are qualified to industry standards and consistently update their knowledge.

Fast reliable service

Ensuring you get your reports with all the necessary information in a timely manner.

Real People

No call centers. You will always speak to a member of our staff based in the office.

Practical Advice

Grounded in real-world experience intended to be useful and effective. Tailored to your needs.

Our Competence

At Help and Safety at Work Ltd our assessors have the competence, qualifications and experience for your fire safety requirements and we ensure to appoint the appropriate assessor for the premises we visit. This includes Fire Protection Association (FPA) trained, Level 4 Diploma qualified, and 3rd party accredited assessors.

Members of

Board of Directors at the British Fire Consortium

Proud member of the IFSM

FPA Member

ISO 9001

Fsb Member

BNI Member


A Fire Risk Assessment is a legal requirement where people “work meet or gather”.

From 1st October 2023, ALL premises regardless of size and number of employees must conduct an up-to-date Fire Risk Assessment and it is required to record all of the findings.

The Fire Safety Order replaces previous legislation (from 2005) whereby you must complete a Fire Risk Assessment for the place in which you are responsible, and it must be deemed suitable and sufficient. This can be completed by a competent person on behalf of the Responsible Person because the level of expertise required may leave the Responsible Person vulnerable to prosecution. Completing a Fire Risk Assessment is NOT the responsibility of the Fire Brigade.

The Fire Safety Order states that you must ‘Review’ your Fire Risk Assessment. You need to make sure it is still a true reflection both in structure and layout, usage and the people that occupy the building. If several actions were raised in the previous Fire Risk Assessment, completing a ‘Review’ will check which issues are still relevant and if there are new challenges. Annual reviews would make the most sense.

Previously under the Fire Precautions Act (1971), the Fire Brigade would issue a Fire Certificate to signify the building was safe and all the requirements had been met. However, the current legislation is a deregulation and relies on you ensuring your building safety by using companies like us, although The Fire Brigade has great initiatives like ‘Test it Tuesday’ to help promote safety but ultimately the safety of a premises is down to the Responsible Person.

Annually, in accordance with BS5306 using competent engineers for the siting, installing, refilling, testing and maintenance of Fire Extinguishers.

Yes, you must be able to demonstrate an effective evacuation to ensure everybody knows what to do in an emergency. All buildings differ in type, size and occupancy so Fire Wardens must have special skills to ensure everyone can escape. Articles 21 and 22 of The Fire Safety Order state as much.

All staff should have induction training as stated, fire wardens should be trained for specialist duties. If the organisation and staffing levels remain the same, 3 yearly refresher training is not unreasonable but in reality, it should be more often than this. Your Fire Risk Assessment should state the routine of training.

Best practice is 6 monthly. However, different premises, shift patterns, and building layouts will dictate the routine. You should experiment in your fire drills as fire can be unpredictable and often some escapes are untenable. In any event, the timing of a full evacuation should be 2 minutes 30 seconds!

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