Emergency Lighting Requirements in HMOs

Understanding emergency Lighting in HMOs In the realm of fire safety and building regulations, one crucial element often overlooked is emergency lighting, especially in House of Multiple Occupation (HMOs). But what exactly is emergency lighting and why is it so essential for HMOs? What is Emergency Lighting? Emergency lighting is a vital safety feature designed […]

The epidemic of electrical fires in the UK

Electricial Safety

The Hidden Dangers of electrical fires In our digitally driven time we use electricity in every corner of our lives with cars, computers, cooking appliances and mobile phones, the British plug and socket stand as an essential for our convenience. However with this comes the potential dangers of electrical fires. Understanding the British socket. British […]

The Captain’s Dinner at Stevenage Football Club

Sponsored Stevenage football club

We had the honour of sponsoring a remarkable celebration where Ronnie Henry, Mark Roberts and Carl Piergianni took to the stage for the Captains’ Dinner at the Stevenage Football Club. On Thursday 7th March, the Lamex Stadium, home of Stevenage Football Club, hosted a remarkable evening that we had the pleasure of sponsoring. The event […]

Common Fire Door Signs – What do they mean?

Keep Closed

Fire door signage is more than just symbols on doors – they are crucial indicators of safety, security and navigation throughout the building, especially in an emergency. In this blog, we will dive into the importance of fire door signs, exploring their significance in ensuring compliance and safety, what signs are required and where they […]

Recent Prosecutions January 2024

Help and Safety at Work Ltd

Recent Prosecutions. When was the last time someone died in an office from fire…? In shared living, it is all too often. Below are recent prosecutions highlighting the severity of fire protection, courtesy of the FPA. Hartlepool Flat Fined for serious safety failings The Hartlepool flat fire incident resulted in the evacuation of 17 individuals. […]

Life Saving New Year Resolutions

House on fire

Have you got your new year resolutions yet? As we begin the New Year, it is a perfect time to reflect on our habits and make resolutions that will not fall apart by the end of January. The following resolutions you will want to stick to as they may one day save your life. Resolution […]

Do I need emergency lighting?

Twin Spotters Emergency Lighting

What is emergency lighting? Emergency lighting is a system of lights that are specifically installed in buildings to provide illumination in case of power outages or emergencies. It ensures the safety of occupants by allowing them to navigate to safety equipment and evacuation routes. Emergency lighting is required if the public has access to the […]

Who is the “Responsible Person” for Fire Safety?

Responsible Persons - Dwellings

The Responsible Person is a crucial figure in ensuring fire safety within a premises. They take on various responsibilities and duties to prevent fires from happening and to minimise injury or death in case a fire does occur. Who is a Responsible Person? The person responsible for making sure that: relevant fire safety duties are carried […]

The Dangers of Lithium Batteries

Lithium Battery

Lithium batteries have revolutionised the way we power our portable electronic devices, electric vehicles e-bikes, and e-scooters, but along with their convenience comes a hidden danger. In recent years, the risks associated with lithium batteries have become a serious concern due to their potential to cause fires. Understanding what lithium batteries are, their uses, and […]

New fire safety regulation 2023

Fire risk assessment clipboard

Fire safety regulations play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of occupants and properties. With the aim of improving fire safety measures across the board, in 2023 two significant changes to fire safety regulations were introduced which collectively bring about a more comprehensive and robust fire safety framework for all. The Building Safety Act […]