Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Fire extinguishers 

Annual servicing and maintenance

Have you had your extinguishers serviced?

Are you responsible for the fire extinguishers’ maintenance? 

Why is servicing important?

The maintenance of fire extinguishers is an absolute necessity. In the event that you require yours, it is of paramount importance that it’s in proper working order and won’t let you down when people’s safety is on the line. 

Extinguishers should be serviced at a few different junctures:


  • Upon delivery. This is known as the commissioning service.
  • Every month. This service can be carried out on site by a designated fire safety individual. 
  • At least once every year by a trained professional. 

Our fire extinguisher services

When our qualified service engineer visits your premises, they will carry out a range of duties in accordance with the current code of practice BS5306 for the selection, installation, and maintenance of fire extinguishers: 

    • Calculation of how many fire extinguishers you require
    • Assessment of what type of extinguishers are needed to cover the risk
    • Ensuring that nothing blocks access to the equipment
    • Checking that the extinguisher is correctly pressurised
    • Ensuring that the individual parts, such as the nozzle, are secure and undamaged
    • Ensuring that the pin and tamper seal are intact
    • Checking for general wear and tear/ neglect
    • Weighing and checking the fill level
    • Conducting a detailed inspection and report
    • Issuing certification

We operate primarily throughout Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, and Buckinghamshire from our base in Kettering, but we’ve got you covered wherever you’re based. Just get in touch and we’ll be sure to arrange a visit. 


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Mark and his team organise site visits very efficiently for our range of properties across London

Jonathan Coles

SELOC Asset Management

The whole town turns out for our event and we spend a huge amount of time making it fun for all. We are always grateful to Mark for double checking our procedures helping us to make it safe for everyone.

Lyndsey Burch

Thrapston Charter Fair Committee

Mark was a fantastic contributor and expert consultant for a programme ACC recently produced on Fire Safety for Care Homes. Mark was a great pleasure to work with, always extremely supportive, forthcoming and responsive to all of our queries, demonstrating great expertise. He was able to adapt quickly to the challenges of filming, taking on the additional role of presenter with great patience, skill and professionalism. We look forward to the opportunity of working on further programmes together in the future.

Kate Larpent


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