Fire Extinguishers

The Need-to-knows

Fire Extinguisher Servicing is a crucial aspect of fire safety, as outlined in the British Standards document, BS 5306. All of our engineers are industry-trained and British Fire Consortium (BFC) accredited.


A Fire Extinguisher is an important type of equipment used to allow people to get to a safe location if it’s blocked off by a small fire, yet you need to know which type of Extinguisher to use for the type of fire and the process of using a Fire Extinguisher.

When using your Fire Extinguisher in the event of a fire remember these four simple steps.

P: Pull

A: Aim

S: Squeeze

S: Sweep

What's in it for you?

By having Fire Extinguishers available, businesses can intervene and extinguish fires at an early stage.

This timely action can save lives and cut property damage.

Fire Extinguishers can protect valuable assets and property from fire damage. By acting, businesses can limit destruction, reduce repair costs and maintain business continuity.

Complying with regulations, ensures legal adherence and reduces liability risks.

The presence of Fire Extinguishers provides opportunities for fire safety discussions, click here for your Fire Warden Training.

Included within your Fire Extinguisher order:

Installation: Delivery – Wall Mounting – Commissioning.

Servicing: Annual Servicing to be completed.

ID Signage: Detailing how & when the extinguisher should be used.

For a free estimate for all of your fire extinguisher needs in your workplace, please get in touch with Help and Safety at Work Ltd today either on 01832 735874 or request a call back.