• Companies have a legal obligation to ensure staff safety by arranging Fire Warden Training sessions, as outlined in The Fire Safety Order 2005.
  • The 2-hour session provides essential information and practical guidance on fire risks, fire prevention and evacuation procedures. We also provide training on Fire Extinguisher use. 
  • Completing the training earns delegates a certificate to demonstrate their commitment to fire safety.
  • On-site delivery ensures convenience and flexibility without disrupting business operations. Our Fire Training is designed for an average of 15 attendees. If you have a larger number of staff please contact us for more information.

For more information about Fire Warden Training.
Contact us on 01832 735874 or email admin@hasaw.co.uk

whats included?

  • How fires occur
  • The different types of extinguishers
  • Classes of fire
  • Fire Extinguisher demonstration
  • Information on the selection and siting of extinguishers in the workplace
  • Role of a Fire Warden
  • Current fire safety laws
  • Chemistry of fire
  • Fire hazards in the workplace
  • Fire procedures
  • Guidance for the responsible person for fire protection
  • Completing a Fire Drill
  • Discussing the role of a Fire Warden (emergency and non-emergency duties)
  • Practical use of a Fire Extinguisher
  • Assisted evacuation guidance
  • Watching a DVD relevant to your workplace

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