• Way-Finder Signage play a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone in the building.
  • Without proper Fire Signage, people would be left confused and vulnerable during a crisis, risking their lives unnecessarily.
  • Commercial premises need safety signage as it may be confusing to some people in a building unknown to them. Signage allows easier navigation and increases the chance of getting to a safe location in case of an emergency. 

For more information about Fire Safety Signage.
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The sign you're doing the right thing.

The Signage we offer:

  • Extinguisher signage
  • Fire exit signs
  • Maximum height
  • Fire door keep shut/locked
  • Health and safety signs
  • Construction site signs
  • Call point symbol
  • Fire point
  • Caution signs
  • Way-finder Signage

And many more…

Our signage will guide people safely to evacuation routes, Fire Extinguishers, and Emergency Exits.

No matter the time or day our Way-Finder Signage will guide you to safety, with the photoluminescent signs even in darkness you will understand where the closest Fire Exit is.

Help and Safety at Work manages all of your fire safety all in one place.