Recent Prosecutions January 2024

Recent Prosecutions.

Recent Prosecutions

When was the last time someone died in an office from fire…? In shared living, it is all too often. Below are recent prosecutions highlighting the severity of fire protection, courtesy of the FPA.

Hartlepool Flat Fined for serious safety failings

The Hartlepool flat fire incident resulted in the evacuation of 17 individuals. Subsequent investigations revealed several significant issues, including defective doors and compartments, a lack of evacuation drills, and inadequate training provided to residents regarding the importance of fire doors.

Pure luck and the speed of firefighters stopped a blaze at a block of flats riddled with fire safety failures from being fatal, a judge has said.

Asset Property Management North East Ltd pleaded guilty to a total of four offences including:

  • A broken fire alarm system which failed to sound
  • Defective fire doors lacking proper seals and self-closing mechanisms
  • A failure to properly compartmentalise the building
  • No evacuation plan or fire drills for residents
  • No training for residents on the importance of keeping doors closed
Asset Property Management North East Ltd, Total Safety Events Ltd, and Justin Morgan were penalised for their actions. Asset Property Management North East Ltd received a fine of £25,000, Total Safety Events Ltd was fined £10,000, and Justin Morgan was given a suspended six-month custodial sentence along with 120 hours of unpaid work. In total, the penalties amounted to £29,782.91.

the First building owner to be prosecuted by local authority due to failing to remove cladding on a block of flats.

Newham has become the first local authority in Britain to successfully prosecute a building owner for failing to remove flammable cladding.

“Failing to remove dangerous cladding as quickly as possible places lives at risk and, where necessary, we will act with full force using the powers we have to protect our residents.”

The recent successful prosecution is a significant achievement for Newham Council’s Cladding Action campaign, which aims to ensure building owners and accountable parties promptly carry out fire safety measures. This includes removing hazardous ACM cladding in blocks. Non-compliance may result in legal consequences. The campaign reflects the Council’s commitment to protecting the rights of borough residents and ensuring their safety and well-being. By enforcing these regulations, Newham Council aims to prioritise fire safety within the community and hold those responsible for unsafe buildings accountable.

Façade Remediation company pays £3284.40 each week for failing to remove dangerous Cladding.

A façade remediation company in Liverpool has been fined after residents of an eight-storey block had to wait for the removal of dangerous Aluminium Composite panels. During this time, the residents were paying a significant amount of £3284.40 per week for 24/7 waking watch services.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspection found that the company did not take necessary precautions to address fire risks and ensure the safety of residents, workers, and others, even though there had been previous guidance on safe cladding removal.

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