Top tips for Takeaways and Restaurants

If you are responsible for the Fire Risk Assessment in your food business like restaurants, cafes or takeaway, there are specific areas of fire safety you need to pay attention to, in this blog we will focus on the top tips for restaurants and kitchens.

What Causes Fires In Restaurants And Takeaways?

  1. Kitchen appliances 25%
  2. Cooker 23%
  3. Electrical distribution 17%

Top Tips For Restaurants And Takeaways:

  1. Have ducting in your extraction system cleaned regularly
  2. Take extra care when cooking with hot oils as it is a high risk
  3. Do not fill a pan with more than 1/3 of oil or fat
  4. Ensure you do not mix water with hot oils
  5. Make sure your electrical system is tested often
  6. Have a Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher nearby in the kitchen


Fire Risk Assessment top tips for restaurants and kitchens

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